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Behind the Access Doors: Director of Education and Engagement

By Andrea Hayes, Visitor Services Representative

There are so many different facets to the world behind the access doors at The Columbus Museum. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with our Director of Education and Engagement, Lucy Kacir, to talk about her background and experiences here at the Museum.

Originally studying photography and art history, Kacir’s passions for art initially left her, like many of us, in a state of wanting more. She says, “I realized about halfway through my bachelor’s degree that I didn’t ever really see myself being a working photographer, but didn’t know what else I wanted to do.” Kacir did know, however, that she wanted to work with children while combining her love of art. This led to pursuing a “master’s degree in art education with a focus in museums from The University of Texas at Austin,” where Kacir was also teaching preschool at the time.

This passion for art and children eventually led Kacir to The Columbus Museum. Here at the Museum, Kacir is not only the Director of Education and Engagement, but she also develops programs for adults including “our summer concert series and adult workshops, Late Night at the Museum…[and] our yoga class at the Museum.” Programs like Yoga at the Museum expose new people to the Museum. Kacir notes, “that program attracted about seventy percent, first-time visitors when it first started. So people that weren’t coming to the Museum at all are now coming to the Museum for yoga.”

Kacir, like many of her coworkers, loves The Columbus Museum. She says, “I love how things are always changing here… there are so many wonderful stories in both our art and history collection about people who are from Columbus and that is one of my favorite things about the Museum.” Kacir enjoys sharing those stories with visitors every chance she gets. “I love going through the galleries on a school tour with a group of kiddos and getting to tell students about artists like Amy Sherald and Alma Thomas who lived in Columbus as children. I love sharing those stories because I think it opens up a world of possibilities for people to see artists who share something in common with them.”

The Columbus Museum is a place where people get to learn and embrace art and new cultures on every visit.