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Behind the Access Doors, Part 1

By Andrea Hayes, Visitor Services Representative

The Columbus Museum is filled with an amazingly diverse staff, with people literally coming from all walks of life. Recently, I got to sit down with our Exhibition Coordinator and Designer, Cameron Faucette, for a chat about her life’s experiences and how her life’s path led her to The Columbus Museum.

Andrea Hayes: So, first we’ll start off by asking what is your specific title?

Cameron Faucette: I am the Exhibition Coordinator and Designer. I head up the Design Department here at The Columbus Museum.  So I’m in charge of designing the exhibits: doing the layouts, selecting placement, the colors; and the coordination part is that I oversee all of the installations. So I’m the one that has to accurately explain my ideas and my vision to my team and they have to create it and then I have to make sure they stay on schedule and that we’re on time.

AH: So, what is your background in?

CF: Great question. I have a degree in interior design from Auburn University. And I graduated with visions of going to Atlanta or Manhattan and being the next Mario Buatta, the next big designer. I had thought I was going to go into residential design, designing people’s homes, but I ended up doing the bulk of my career in commercial. I’ve done a lot of projects here in Columbus. I did the TSYS campus, the majority of the furniture there. I’ve done several jobs for Synovus. I did the Public Safety building when it was new. I lived in North Carolina and did numerous projects for NC State and UNC, Duke University.

AH: Do you think working at a Museum is very different from where you originally planned to end up?

CF: Yes, but I think probably most people don’t end up where you envision life’s gonna take them.

AH: I don’t think so either.

CF: And I think it was John Lennon who said “Man plans, God laughs”. Somebody said that. And I think that’s kind of true. We make plans and end up somewhere else. I’m thrilled to be at the Columbus Museum. I’m thrilled that they took a chance on me.