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The first major renovation since 1989, Reimagining The Columbus Museum is a renewed dedication to ensuring that our collections, exhibitions, and gardens are engaging and relevant to people of all ages. The reimagined Museum will be the bridge between the people who call the Chattahoochee Valley home and their cultural heritage, regional creativity, and the rich world of American art.

The Columbus Museum is your museum. The Museum offers free admission to the public all year round. We invite you to be a part of the campaign to Reimagine The Columbus Museum by making your gift today!


"This renovation will be a pivotal milestone for the future of The Columbus Museum. We are elated to share the wonderful news of our plans to transform the Museum with the public, and the fundraising success thanks to the remarkable generosity of our supporters. The reimagined Columbus Museum will be more welcoming and interactive, a true cultural gathering place.” - Marianne Richter, Director

This campaign is made possible by our Campaign Committee and the generosity of our visionary donors. The campaign has raised more than 20 million dollars. Through our partnership with the Muscogee County School District, the Museum has also received ESPLOST funds for improved and expanded collections storage, collections care, and needed infrastructure upgrades. 





Kathelen Amos, Co-Chair  |  Elizabeth Ogie, Co-Chair

Steve Butler

Mint Flowers

Chris Henson

Mary Lu Lampton

Mason Lampton

Sallie Martin

Steve Sharp

Chip Tillman

Thornton Jordan, Honorary Co-Chair  |  Elizabeth Corn, Honorary Co-Chair



Kathelen Amos, Co-Chair

"This project creates a visual welcome mat that will broaden our reach to all audiences and continue the Museum's role as the cornerstone of cultural arts in Columbus. By welcoming and engaging younger visitors in a prominent Children's Gallery and Garden, as well as enhanced History Galleries, the entire Museum becomes more accessible to all. We are profoundly grateful to the Museum's long-standing friends and supporters who share this vision for the future, and who have been enthusiastic investors in this project. We are equally thrilled and excited about the support we have received from newer friends and supporters, who value our mission and want to be a part of this tremendous cultural asset as it is positioned to serve future generations."


Elizabeth Ogie, Co-Chair

"I am so thrilled to be a part of this 'reimagining' of The Columbus Museum. For years, I have wanted to get the Children's area front and center where it belongs. This, like all of the changes, will create a warm, inviting, and welcoming space for every visitor. Our beautiful Bradley Olmsted Garden, designed by the Olmsted firm, will also get some long-needed attention, bringing it back to its former glory. The Museum is the heart of our arts community, and this transformation will make everyone proud to claim this place as their favorite gathering and learning spot. I am honored to be a part of these wonderful plans for the Museum's future."


Thornton Jordan, Honorary Co-Chair

"Over the years, the Museum has brought me a great deal of personal pleasure. Because the Museum has given so much to me, I was thrilled to participate in the capital campaign to give back and to make it even better for the next generations. For our visitors, both the inside and outside will be more welcoming and adaptable. I have loved the History Gallery over the years, but this new design will allow new galleries to be much more flexible with interpretation, especially of contemporary history and culture. Throughout the building we will have increased space for our rotating collections and special exhibitions. We will bring the Children's Gallery into a lighter, brighter space and in a more prominent place in the building."