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Past Exhibitions

ROCÍO RODRÍGUEZ- Divergent Fictions: A Selection of Works from 1988 – 2012

August 19 - November 4, 2012

Third Floor Galleries

Rocio Rodriguez’s works reflect on universal themes referencing the opposing forces of nature, beauty, war, conflict, and pain. She transforms these forces suggesting a world where nothing is fixed and everything is in the process of becoming. This new “reality” is at once organic and mechanical, graphic, and painterly, creating a whole that is based on all fictions and possibilities. The monumental images surround the viewer; sometimes caressing, sometimes hammering the message home.

Rocío Rodríguez came to the United States from Cuba, in 1961, when she was nine years old. As exiles, her family maintained strong emotional attachment to their language and memories. In America, Rodriguez learned to navigate between two cultures and through this experience began to view the world with a unique perspective. This duality serves as the philosophical framework from which much of her work has grown.

This exhibition is made possible by the generous funding from the Landrum Educational Endowment Fund.