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Past Exhibitions

The Games: Ancient Olympia to Georgia

March 25 - May 14, 2017

Galleria Cases

Today’s modern Olympic Games attract the world’s attention for their inspiring athletic feats, breathtaking pageantry, and global sense of community. Though there was no 24-hour international coverage of the original Olympics in ancient Greece, artisans of the time captured their impressions of athletic competition in ceramic works that survive today. These pieces provide inspiration for The Games: Ancient Olympia to Georgia, organized by Atlanta’s Millennium Gate Museum. The exhibition features ancient Greek artifacts, as well as related works, that explore the history of the ancient Olympics, in addition to Greek politics and mythology. Memorabilia related to the 1996 Games in Atlanta and Columbus will also be spotlighted.


This exhibition is generously sponsored by CB&T | Synovus: the bank of here.