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While the building is under construction, join us throughout 2023 for The Columbus Museum on Tour as we share our collection at venues around the Chattahoochee Valley. Click below for more details. 

The Columbus Museum brings American art and history to life for the communities of the Chattahoochee Valley. 

This former mill town is experiencing an exciting renaissance. Starting in the 19th century, textile mill owners dammed the Chattahoochee for hydro power, but in this century, municipal leaders removed the dams and let the river’s natural rapids flow free.

The 2.5-mile stretch is now the longest urban whitewater course in the world. An upriver power plant controls the water flow, so rapids strength depends on the time of day making it perfect for both experts wanting adrenaline and families looking for tamer waters.

Marianne Richter of the Columbus Museum talks about the On Tour Exhibition. They are partnering with organizations like Bo Bartlett, Lamar Baker and others to expose these works to the community.

LOU STOVALL (1937-2023) PUT WASHINGTON, D.C., on the printmaking map. In 1968, he established Workshop Inc., a silkscreen studio designed to “reach new audiences, connect with political movements, and create opportunities for a diverse group of artists” to work in a new medium. He first produced an array of collectible community posters before focusing on limited-edition fine art projects. Stovall presided over an eight-foot screenprinting station he built himself, turning out hard line and painterly works in collaboration with Jacob Lawrence, Sam Gilliam, Gene Davis, Elizabeth Catlett, and many others. Employing a facility for color with a variety of inventive techniques using stencils, tools, brushes, solvents, and his bare hands, he produced outcomes that surpassed the presumed limits of printmaking and, on occasion, arguably made improvements on original

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