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New Acquisitions: Harmonica Box and “Oscillation Shift”

The Columbus Museum’s dual mission of bringing art and history to life in the Chattahoochee Valley means we are always on the lookout for new pieces.

Our newest history acquisition is a harmonica that was owned and played by Columbus resident Nina Young Browne at the turn of the twentieth century. Nina was an accomplished amateur musician involved in numerous civic and cultural affairs. She also founded the Orpheus Club for musical culture.

On the art side, The Museum added Oscillation Shift by Karen Kunc. In describing her work, Kunc said:

“I am interested in evocative inferences about how we have come to live with nature—the shaping of landscape, cultivation and destruction activities, wild and domestic nature, shelters, markers, spaces, natural and evolved forms—icons that come from living with, and against, nature.”

Because of the support from our members and supporters within the community, our permanent collection continues to grow with more acquisitions that the public can enjoy on display. The purchases we have made and the gifts we have received during the last few months have strengthened key areas in our collections, including our new pieces purchased by African American artists.

The Columbus Museum established the Fund for African American Art in late 2014. Its purpose is to support and encourage purchases, gifts, and bequests of art by significant African American artists.

Interested in finding out more about our collection of acquisitions? Visit our pages below.